Detective William V. Blaul who interviewed Touhy in Elkhorn Wis.about the Factor kidnapping

Birth: unknown
Death: Jun. 25, 1939

Chicago Tribune June 26, 1939:


Retired Police Veteran Has Heart Attack.

Lieut. William V. Blaul, who retired from the police department three years ago after forty-four years of service, died of a heart attack in his home yesterday. Lieut. Blaul was known particularly for his capture of the notorious car barn bandits thirty-six years ago. He was 72 years old.
He was deputy chief of detectives from 1932 to 1934. He also was chief of the state's attorney's detectives under John A. Swanson and for a year was in charge of special investigations under former United States Attorney George E. Q. Johnson.
He was cited many times of bravery and competency and received the Carter H. Harrison medal for bravery for the capture of the car barn bandits.

Examiner for Private Detectives.
Since his retirement Lieut. Blaul had been an examiner for private detectives for the state board of registration and education.
Lieut. Blaul had been living with his daughter, Mrs. Ella Deutsche, at 5753 North Talman avenue. He was stricken just after he finished his Sunday dinner. A physician and a fire department inhalator squad were summoned but he was dead when they arrived.
He is survived by another daughter, Mrs. Edna Chapman; a sister, Mrs. Louise Awe; a brother, Charles, and two grandchildren. His wife died four years ago.
Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the chapel at 3905 Lincoln avenue. Burial will be in St. Lucas cemetery.

Bandits Hanged for Murder.
The car barn bandits, who were captured through the detective work of Lieut. Blaul, were Harvey Van Dine, Peter Niedermeier, and Gustave Marx. They were hanged for the murder of two men in the robbery of the car barns at 61st and State streets in August, 1903.
Marx was captured first and gave information that his companions were hiding in a shack in the sand dunes near Miller, Ind. Lieut. Blaul and eight detectives surrounded the place but were discovered by the bandits before they could effect the capture.
The bandits fired on the detectives, killing one and wounding several others. They fled and were followed to a corn field several miles away. Reenforcements were sent by Chicago police and Indiana authorities. The bandits were captured after more than 100 police surrounded the field.
Saint Luke Cemetery
Cook County
Illinois, USA